Hi! It’s guess who on her you know what day:)
Remember- You compositions are all due next week on Monday and Tuesday! So here are a few reminders of what I can hardly wait to get from my little Mozarts- THAT’s YOU!!
1. One page with your name, date and class…typed. Cover page- not are work for now.
2 One copy of your typed poem
3. One copy of your final composition
b. COUNTING under the staff
c. TEXT UNDER the counting
I do have the staff paper in my room. If you goof up and are desperate- go to to ‘Utility” and print out from there- it says “staff PAPER!” ( I use the classis version- easiest for me)
YOU MUST turn in your drafts–ANYTHING you did to make this happen!! All the messy papers with scribbles- everything!! Just staple it on the back- I promise I won’t show the bad stuff to ANYONE! Not even Ms. Johnson unless she begs!!:):)

You will write your reflection and hand that in in Jan after we use the computer program and perform your piece!!

PS The Jeopardy game is going to begin after Thanksgiving..Look over your most unfamilier words–I’ll be sending a list soon as I get to it:) Not over vacation– relax a little! and PRACTICE A LOT!!! Now comes the BEST PART!!!:) You earned it! CONCERT PRACTICE!!

Enjoy your Turkey or whatever you eat on Thanksgiving and where ever you are- Help with the DISHES!!
I’ll be thinking of you!
You know who….don’t like to put names on this internet:):) PSS Does this spell sheck?? Do it for me!! Bake sale time!!!

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