7th grade home Fun 9/11-12- 13-16- 17-18 (A-B)


Dear Music students!

Here is information from todays class in case you missed some information. Also, I am including the next 2 lessons for you to look over in case you have time to work on the new vocabulary . Great class today! Bring your workbook $ and home fun tomorrow! All will be stamped!

Get lots of rest! Guess who?

A and tomorrow B day:

Write 2 paragraphs. Describe what you have the most difficulty with succeeding in a class and what you do best. Write a sentence or two about how you will improve.

Answer the 3 Questions that accompany the Mini Lesson from the board, in your DW ( Developmental workbook)

Give parents note about workbook and bring in your money or order on line! CASH only. Bring form so I can stamp it as a receipt!!

Review the 1 Rules you wrote for your poster! Spelling? word choices? Did you say what you mean and mean what you say?:)

Next class: what’s coming up!

Mini Lesson: An Approach to learning to play DRUMS!

Copy these 3 questions and answer them in your DW.

  1. What does it mean to play “Physical?” – Mental?”
  2. What does it mean to be a professional drummer?
  3. What does subject specific vocabulary mean and why do we need it?


  1. Copy the Mini Lesson, HF and 3 questions
  2. Answer 3 questions in your DW
  3. Read the article in hand and monitor for meaning
  4. Discuss the 2 main ideas with your partner.
  5. Be ready to discuss with the class your thoughts on the 2 ideas next class.
  6. Next: Finish your poster.
    1. Use as many subject specific vocabulary words as possible.
    2. Use correct spelling
  7. Prepare to present your poster to the class. One-person talk.
  8. Next, the other person comment on the pros and cons of working with someone new in a new environment- what was hard- what was easy?

Home Fun:

  1. Write the answers to your 3 questions in your DW Do this for every class all semester!! I will check it soon!


  1. Begin to make a jeopardy game with your list of new subject specific vocabulary. The words to include so far are listed below.
  2. If you are confused by any of the directions from me, Ms. Nikkolos, write down your questions and show me next class!! I’m so excited to see you, so I may not notice if you look lost, just yetJ

Jeopardy Game: Music Subject specific vocabulary!


  1. Critic
  2. Talk the Talk
  3. Dynamics
  4. Tempo
  5. Drums
  6. Signs and Symbols
  7. Music Notation
  8. Composers


These are heads of your main columns. See my example below~



Talk the Talk




Signs and symbols

Music Notation




























































                                 Subject specific vocabulary (for this lesson)

Critic:                          Categories: ‘Signs and Symbols’ /’Music Notation’ next!

Savior Faire







Talk the talk:



Rock feel



Control studies

Latin Beats








A Tempo


High hat


Bass drum


Categories: ‘Signs and Symbols’ /’Music Notation’ next class!

What do you do now with all these words??

Find out just exactly what these words mean in the dictionary!

In your DW write the exact definition!

Next: Write a the definition in a question form.


The word is Dynamics

Definition: How loud or how soft you play the music

Question: The loudness or softness of music is referred to as the what?

Answer: What are dynamics


So, you write a definition for all the words above, with a question. Tomorrow you can play the game with your partner. Everyone will ask the question a little differently so it is very fun to play! Before you know it, you will remember all these new words!

Each student will be creating his or her own jeopardy board. You may wish to start now, or do it all at once later. It will be part of your grade in Criteria C! Easy to succeed here! Just do it! And Enjoy!



Unit 1 Lesson #3

Mini Lesson: Presentations in Music!

  1. What is good elocution?
  2. What does it mean to “Project”
  3. Is ad-lib better than preparation? Why, why not?


  1. Copy Mini and 3 Q’s and HF
  2. Present your posters. One person of the group of 2 talk.
  3. Next, one person interview the second with the following questions:
    1. What was most fun working with you?
    2. How was it difficult to work with someone you hardly know?
    3. What was most challenging for you personally about this assignment?
    4. What about this lesson will you always remember?
  4. As you watch the presentations- grade your friends-

Highly competent

Shows competence?

Demonstrates success with the basics

Does not reach a standard from above- but finished the project….

Home Fun:

Prepare to discuss your paragraph about the

http://www.Musictheory.net  WEB Site! Next class.

Bring your book money if you did not already do so!

Congratulations on your hard work so far!!

This is your grading system for the project poster…

Name: __________________________________7-_____.

1.Highly competent

2.Shows competence?

3.Demonstrates success with the basics

4.Does not reach a standard from above- but finished the project



1. ___________

2. __________

3. __________

4. __________

5. __________

6. __________

7. __________

8. __________

9. __________

10. __________

11. __________

12. ___________

13. ___________

14. ____________

15. ____________


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