Astoria Park Trip

Astoria Park Trip


  • Monday June 18th, the 7th grade students will be going to Astoria Park.


  • You are expected to be at school at the usual time in the morning.  We will stay in the cafeteria to take attendance and go over instructions for the day.  We will expect to leave around 8:30AM.  We will walk as a group to the 36th Ave N/Q stop and get off the train at Astoria Blvd and walk from there to the park.


  • There are four basic rules for the day that come straight from BSGE’s Habits of Conduct.  Act in accordance with those rules and your own common sense about what is appropriate.


  • Be Safe
  • Take Care of Our Space
  • Participate Fully
  • Be Kind


  • You CANNOT bring skateboards, roller blades, or anything else that you would ride on that has wheels.


  • You CANNOT bring water guns or similar objects.


  • If you’re not sure whether you can bring something, you probably shouldn’t.


  • You can bring basketballs, footballs, baseballs, baseball gloves, etc. but you are responsible for taking care of your own equipment.


  • You don’t need to bring your backpacks on that day.


  • You should not go anywhere by yourself.  Make sure there are other students or at least one teacher there anywhere you go.


  • You are not allowed to leave the park at any time until we all leave the park to come back to BSGE


  • You must come back to school with the group and be dismissed from BSGE at 2:10.


  • You must bring your own lunch and beverages with you.  There are very limited choices for lunch at the park (possibly hot dogs and ice cream but not always).  Do not bring glass bottles with you.


  • No complaining.


  • At 1:15 we will start getting together to clean up any mess we left and come back to school to be dismissed.  Expect to be dismissed from BSGE around 2:10.


  • Tuesday will be a regular school day (A Day)


  • Though we have never had to do this, if students generally are not following the rules, we can end the trip at any time and come back to BSGE early and wait for the end of the day in the cafeteria.  We have never had to do this and don’t plan to start.  Please make sure you do your part.


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