Humanities HW 2/27

7-3, 7-1

1. On Wednesday you are presenting your work on the colonies you chose. At the very least, have the answers to the questions printed out for you other group members.  Additionally you should have some creative way to present the ideas about your colony, whether through pictures, posters (don’t make a big poster, a regular size sheet of paper should be fine), diagrams, dialogues, songs, etc.  Be creative but don’t overwhelm yourself with work.

2. You have a map quiz on Friday based on the colony maps we did before the break.  The map will be the same we got in class and the list will be the same as well except the cities won’t mention which colony they are in.  If you want a copy of the map you can download one here or get a copy from me on Wednesday.  Download the assignment here —> ColonialMapAssignment   Download the map here.

Colony map

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