Humanities HW 1/31

7-3, 7-1

1. Your final Jamestown essays are due next Friday, February 10th.  Your lab reports are due around the same time so PLEASE MANAGE YOUR TIME AND START EARLY.

2. Rewrite your two paragraphs or outline if the work you received back today told you to redo them.  If you didn’t hand me anything, please make sure you give it to me next class.  Until you hand me acceptable paragraphs and outline, you will not be allowed to turn in a final essay.  Here is a link to the lesson on how to write an outline and a sample outline.  Your outlines should look like this.

3. Here is a link to my Humanities blog.  I wrote down the notes from class on Topic Sentences.  You can copy it into your writing section or print it out.  Either way, make sure you have it.

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