English- Final OMM Project

Due Wednesday January 5th for 7-2 and 7-3. Due Thursday January 6th for 7-1.

Students will use notes from the Of Mice and Men Presentations to create a cartoon strip that displays a major theme from the text. Students should identify a significant literary element or technique used to help support the theme he/she will use to create the cartoon strip. This cartoon strip should be no more or less than four frames. Students should also write two paragraphs. The first paragraph will explain the literary connections to the theme chosen and the second will explain the historical connections of the theme chosen. These paragraphs should have evidence to support the ideas introduced. They should help explain the significance of the cartoon strip and why it is important to appreciate these literary elements and historical connections.

Review your handout outs and notes on creating a good cartoon strip. Here are two examples of students from your class that created cartoon strips that fulfilled all requirements:
Example 1: Dreams are important to overcome hard times.
Example 2: Dreams are important to overcome hard times.

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