English 12/15- For All of 7th Grade

Homework #32

1) Read from page 76- 83 and use post-its to find at least seven inferences

2) Use the process demonstrated in class to explain how the given ideas can be themes in the novel Of Mice and Men.


The American Dream– the idea that any American can work hard and achieve success

Friendship- that bond that is developed between people that care about each other

Complete the Assignment in the following chart

Ideas ——–Patterns Noticed ———Interpretation ——-Theme (Significance)

1) The American Dream

2) Friendship

Homework #31

1) Read up to page 75 in Of Mice and Men and use post-its to make at least seven inferences.

2) What is the theme that is presented on the first pages of each chapter? (Respond in at least one paragraph)

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