English Homework for All 7th Grade

Homework # 6

Write a response that explains how Julia Alvarez uses simile and metaphor to explain how she feels about her heritage. There should be two paragraphs: 1) Explains how metaphor is used to show how she feels about her heritage and 2) Explains how simile is used to show how she feels about her heritage. Both paragraphs should be written with the structure learned in class.

Homework #7

Write a letter to Julia Alvarez that explains how your interpretation of “Names/Nombres.” Write two paragraphs explaining one type of figurative language we’ve learned. (Two examples of Metaphor or two examples of simile) And one paragraph that makes a personal connection to an experience Alvarez has had. You should also create an example of your own figurative language in the last paragraph. (Simile or Metaphor depending on which element you picked in your previous examples.) This paper should be typed and written in letter form.

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