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Pre-Algebra HW 4/30

7-1 & 7-2 :  Finish the “Writing Equations of the Form ax = b from word problems” sheet. 7-3:  Finish the “Solving Two-Step Equations Involving Addition:  ax + b = c” sheet.

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Humanities HW 4/30

7-1, 7-2 1. Finish reading chapter 39. List in your notebooks the different elements of the Constitution and a brief description of each. Also focus on writing monitor for meaning post its for what you don’t understand. 2. Final drafts … Continue reading

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Humanities HW 4/29

7-3 Read last part of chapter 37 and all of chapter 38. Write post its. Think about the EQ: How did the experience of the Americans affect the decisions they made about governments?

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