OLD-2010 LESSONS–Explore and Experiment due 4/30 and 5/5

Explore and Experiment . . . .

The investigation stage-research, explore, experiment- is coming to a close. You have completed your secondary research (Internet, book, magazine, newspaper sources) and you are well on your way to completing your primary research (interviews and surveys).

Homework: explore and experiment with the various digital media that you are considering using in your community service campaign on digital citizenship. For example: noodle around with PowerPoint or try Presentations in Google Docs. Try to find the brochure templates in MS Word. If you have a microphone, try recording your voice to make a podcast. Or if you have a digital camera, see if you have a setting for making movies. Explore and experiment what you are interested in trying.  Write your reflections in Google Docs or on paper. What did you try? How did it go? What did you learn, or what did you figure out?

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