Technology Homework

Investigation Stage Research Continues

  • Bring one print source relevant to your topic (book, magazine, newspaper)
    • add that to your “Works Cited” list
  • Find one source in the database “Kids Search”
    • add that to your “Works Cited” list
  • Start to think about and make some plans for primary research
    • interviews
    • surveys

(Don’t forget: Remember to bring your Queens Library card # and PIN #)


Making progress on the investigation stage. What should you have completed thus far:

  • you should have your internet research posted in Youth Voices bookmarks. Annotations should be in your own words. Describe what you learned from the site you are bookmarking
  • you should have made a “Works Cited” list from the internet sources you have gathered.
    • Use Easy Bib
    • login with your BSGE email:
    • add citations to your Digital Citizenship list
    • When you have all your citations, click VIEW and copy/paste into a Google Doc
    • make a space between each citation

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I've been teaching IBMYP Technology since 2002 at B.S.G.E. (The Baccalaureate School for Global Education) in New York.
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