Humanities HW 4/7

7-1, 7-2

1. Finish creating an outline for your American Revolution Essay

2. Optional extra credit assignment due after the vacation:
Extra Credit Assignment for Spring Break

• This assignment is completely optional. You should spend this vacation traveling or relaxing (I will be doing both). If you find that you have extra time or have the uncontrollable desire to learn history, you can work on this assignment. The assignment should be typed up and thoughtfully done.

• In order to receive credit you have to make sure you use your own words and not to copy from the text or slightly change a few words. Focus on answering and explaining in your own words.

1. Do you think Native Americans would side with the British or the Americans during the Revolutionary War? Try to develop an argument using evidence from what we’ve learned (you can find some ideas in chapter 28 but you should try to come up with your own ideas also).

2. Based on what you know about each side, what advantages would the British have in the war against America? What advantages would the Americans have? List each and explain (you can find some ideas in the beginning of chapter 31, but you should come up with your own ideas also).

3. Read chapters 27 and 31. What role do the French play in this war? Why would they want to support the colonists?

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