Technology Homework 7-3 and 7-1 (if you did not finish in class)

Post to Youth Voices

  1. Finish the work on Web searches (take the quiz at the end and complete your worksheet–worksheet is stored in your Investigation Stage pocket of the portfolio)
  2. Log In  to Youth Voices
  3. Choose:  “Add to my Blog” ->DISCUSSION
  4. Choose a title for your post. (Use proper capitalization for a title) — remember your audience is other kids and you want them to read your blog.
  5. Choose KEYWORDS (separated by a comma and a space)
  6. Write the body.  Share something that you learned today that you think would be of interest to other students struggling with Web searches. Check for coherence of thought, spelling, capitalization, grammar and punctuation.
  7. Choose both Baccalaureate School and Technology and the World as your audience and check the box for public.
  8. Submit your post.
  9. If you notice a mistake, or if you want to revise after you post, click on your title and you will see a tab for “Edit”

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I've been teaching IBMYP Technology since 2002 at B.S.G.E. (The Baccalaureate School for Global Education) in New York.
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