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English HW 3/26

All streams Read chapter 2, pages 17-27. Find at least five events and create images on post its. Advertisements

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Sci 3/26

All streams: Study for Science test on 3/30 & 3/31

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Humanities HW 3/25, 3/26

1. Finish adding the Proclamation of 1763 to your charts. 2. Read chapter 11. Write 4 D/I post its. Focus on events that helped cause the American Revolution.

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Tech Homework 7-1 and 7-3 Due Monday

“I am wondering . . . “ Go to Google Docs (http://googledocs.bsge.org) to do this lesson or, CLICK THIS LINK Follow the instructions highlighted at the top. After each section there is a place for you to share what you … Continue reading

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