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Humanities HW 3/31

7-3 1. Revise any additions to your chart that need revising. 2. Read chapter 20 in our textbook. Write post its. Focus on what exactly the revolution was about. 4 D/I, 1 A/S, 1 M/I any M/M.

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Pre-Algebra HW 3/31

All:  Finish the “Using Guess and Check Tables” sheet.

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Technology Homework Due April 1st & 2nd

INVESTIGATION STAGE Today in class you did a freewrite on your topic and highlighted KEY WORDS (TAGS) Finish listing th key words/tags From that list choose one and find a picture related to it (clip from a newspaper, a magazine, … Continue reading

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Pre-Algebra HW 3/30

All:  No hw.

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Humanities 3/30

1. Finish adding the events from ch 11 to your charts. 2. Read chapters 13 and 14 3. As you’re reading, write post its focusing on identifying important events and ideas that relate to our EQ: What caused the American … Continue reading

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English 3/27

For all of 7th Grade 1) Finish reading Chapter 2 of Hiroshima Use post-its to create five more images 2) Write a paragraph that clarifies and explains one of the significant event (the image you created) you. Make sure your … Continue reading

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Pre-Algebra HW 3/27

7-1 & 7-2:  1)  Finish LM 3-6B.  2)  Do on p. 313 #5-8, 10, 13, 16-21, 23.  Show work for all except 13 and 16. *All:  There will be a quiz Monday on the commutative & associative properties, the algebraic … Continue reading

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