Technology Vocabulary Test on Feb 24th and Feb 25th

On your vocabulary test you will be asked to use the following command terms:

Identify asks the student to recognize and state briefly a distinguishing fact or feature.  An example is: Identify one of the six basic needs and wants that are satisfied by technology. A proper response would be: Nourishment is the most important basic need and want that is satisfied by technology. Pumps are designed  to get fresh drinking water from the ground. An alternative response would be: Leisure and recreation is a want that is satisfied by technology. Skateboards are a technology designed for recreation.

Define asks the student to  give a clear and precise meaning of a given word, term or concept.    An example is: Define the term “technology”.  A proper response would be: Technology is designed to satisfy the basic human needs and wants and to solve problems. An exceptional response would also include an example: Technology can be in the form of products or systems. For example, the cell phone is a single product of technology that satisfies communication needs. The phone is a product of technology as are all of its individual parts, such as screen, keyboard, wires, circuit boards, speaker and other parts  that work together to create the cell phone system. Furthermore, one cell phone alone is not useful, it needs to be part of a larger communications system that includes cell phone towers, satellites, and other cell phones.

be able to define and give examples of the key concepts below:

  • technology
  • processes
  • trade-offs and optimization
  • requirements
  • resources
  • controls
  • systems

be able to identify:

  • 6 basic needs and wants
  • 3 branches of technology
  • 7 resources of technology

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I've been teaching IBMYP Technology since 2002 at B.S.G.E. (The Baccalaureate School for Global Education) in New York.
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