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Tech Homework Due 3/15 & 3/16

Read and Take Notes Read pages 50-60 (Chapter 3|Section 1) Use the “Reading Strategy” as a model for taking notes when reading this chapter. Do NOT do the questions at the end (unless you want to as a study practice) … Continue reading

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English Homework 3/12

 Due Friday For 7-2  Revise each poem and make sure you: Explode at least one line from each poem. (Draw an image that represents your new image and then rewrite thee line you chose to explode.)  Fast- Forward through at … Continue reading

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English Homework 3/11

Due Thursday for 7-1 and 7-3 Write an enticing introduction that presents your understanding of the “The Negro Speaks of Rivers.” Make sure you have figured out what the main idea of the poem is before you create your enticing … Continue reading

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Humanities HW 3/12

7-2, 7-3 Finish filling out the question sheet from the video we watched today in class.

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7-1 & 7-3:  finish your lasko boards

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Pre-Algebra HW 3/12

*7-1 & 7-2: Your group test is next Monday, 3/17 and the unit test is 3/18. *7-3: Group test on Thursday. Unit test on Monday. 7-1 & 7-2: LM 4-8A 7-3: Do on p.268-270 #14-23, 26, 27 Show work for … Continue reading

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