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7-1 & 7-3:  Study parts of the microscope.  Quiz next class

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Tech Homework Due 3/3 & 3/4

Join the Campaign to Stamp Out Question Marks 1. Complete the work started in class: Make a new wiki page where you write the logical steps someone has to take in order to make a personal avatar (95 pixels by … Continue reading

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Humanities HW 2/29

7-2 Finish reading chapter 3 and pages 28-30 in chapter 4, on each chapter, write three post its, read chapter 5, 3 post its.  Focus on our new EQ What caused the American Revolution? 7-3 Finish reading chapter 3 and … Continue reading

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Humanities HW 2/28

7-1 Quiz next class on the colonies.   Make sure you can identify the different groupings of colonies, New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies, also know the basic differences between the colonies we studied. Take out the post its from … Continue reading

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Pre-Algebra HW 2/29

All: HW/classwork given by the substitute.

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Pre-Algebra HW 2/28

All: No hw.

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Humanities HW 2/27

7-2, 7-3 Take out the post its from your books and have them ready to be turned in next class.

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English Homework 2/26 and 2/27

For All Classes Read Rita Dove’s  poem Vacation. Respond to the poem by writing: What is being said for each part of the poem. This poem doesn’t have stanzas so divide the poem into three parts: the beginning, the middle, … Continue reading

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Humanities HW 2/26

7-1 Reread chapter 40, and read the first page of chapter 41, answer the following question in a couple of paragraphs: How did the Appalachian Mountains affect the development of the colonies/colonists?

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Tech Homework Due 2/27 & 2/28

Homework has mutiple parts: 1. MAKE BANNER-Use Splash Up to make a banner to represent yourself (NO last names please)-see links below. 2. DISPLAY BANNER IN WIKI-Put that banner on your student page in the class wiki. (To save space … Continue reading

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