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Pre-Algebra HW 1/31

All: No hw.

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Tech Homework Due 2/1 & 2/4

Using your BSGE email account, send the teacher an email. In the body of the email, tell her something about yourself that she would not know just by looking at you. Your Email address for school business is: (Last=Your … Continue reading

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Pre-Algebra HW 1/29

*The unit test is Thursday. Tools you should bring: protractor, ruler, your calculator(in case I let you use it), loose-leaf, pencils, eraser and your measurement reference sheet(It should already be in your toolkit section.) All: p.233-235 #2, 4, 8, 11-16, … Continue reading

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Pre-Algebra HW 1/28

*The elective days remain the same for everyone! So, that means that the unit test schedule for everyone is the same. Group test tomorrow. Unit test Thursday. Elective on Wednesday. All: Read p.224-226 Do on p.226-228 #2-12, 14, 15, 17-29, … Continue reading

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Humanities HW 1/25

7-3, 7-2 Finish the Plymouth Vocab and concepts work for next class.  Make sure it is typed up.

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7-1 & 7-3: no hw

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Pre-Algebra HW 1/25

*Unit test and group test on all chapters/information from unit 4 next week. The group test will probably take place on Tuesday and the unit test will probably take place on Thursday. 7-1: Finish the “Two step equations and Using … Continue reading

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