Humanities HW 9/7

1. We will have a materials check next class that will count as a quiz grade. You are expected to have with you:

– A binder with a humanities section. In this binder should be the notes from the first day of class and the handout that we worked out.

– A marble notebook for your journal. In this should be the first reflection we did in class and the homework assigned to you.

– A post it pad

– A pen or a pencil

– A planner

2. If you did not finish the reflection we started in class about the history quotes, please finish it for homework.

3. in journals answer the question in your own opinion and words: What is history?
you can use the quotes we looked at in class as well as class notes to answer this question but I would like you to use your own words and come up with some of your own ideas.

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