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Tech Homework — All Streams Due 6/13 & 6/14

Prepare to turn in the following: Your final full size design (aesthetics) Your final blueprint (or working model) of the mechanism (mechanics) Your Investigation Stage Engineer’s Notebook (complete and throrough) Your design brief (revised)

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Tech Homework — All Streams Due 6/8 & 6/11

Continue your investigation into the design problem Draw out your preliminary design ideas (full size blueprint) of what you will represent on your page or greeting card Draw out, or make models of, your solutions to the 3 mechanical puzzles. … Continue reading

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Technology HW (7-1 and 7-3 Only) — Due 6/5

Investigation Stage Continue your invesigation–research, exploration, experimentation–and keep reflections in engineer’s notebook (sketches and writing) try to solve the 3 linkage puzzles find images of what you want to represent from your chosen country complete your design brief

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