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Technology–2nd Periodic Assessments Completed

All Technology 7 Periodic Assessments are done. 7-1 and 7-3 You received your assessment document on Friday to take home. You have no holiday homework if you are caught up. 7-2  You will receive your assessment document on Tuesday, May … Continue reading

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Science 5/18

finish inertia worksheet

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Technology–(7-3 and 7-1) Due May 21

Finish reading Chapters 5 and 6 in Arcimedes at the Door of Science. Determine importance.

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Technology (7-2 Only)–Catch UP on OVERDUE Work!!

REMINDER: Completed Prototypes are due Tuesday, May 22 If you sat at the conference table at the end of class, you owe work! Catch Up with work overdue Investigation stage essay, engineer’s notebook, & design brief Design Stage 3 design … Continue reading

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7-2 (Students who are caught up) Due 5/18

  Finish reading chapters 3 and 4 in Archimedes at the Door of Science (pages 24-53) Mechanism as Systems Look in you kitchen for an egg beater. Look in your bathroom for a toe nail clipper Look in your study … Continue reading

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Humanities HW 5/16

check the website:

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Science HW 5/16

Black- finish worksheet blue- pg 317 # 1-4, pg 322 # 1-4, pg329 # 1-4

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