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Technology (7-2 Only) — Due 4/29

Complete your drawings. In class you were given an 11 x 17 sheet of paper to fold in half. On one side draw an everyday device in your home that might pose a problem to someone with a handicap. After … Continue reading

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Math hw 4/25

black- do the 2 worksheets red- page 263-265 # 2, 4 a and d, 5-8, 11-14, 26, 33

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Spanish HW 4/25

write a letter to a friend describing one of you classes at least 50 words, and at least 3 items described from the classroom. IN SPANISH ! NO ONLINE TRANSLATORS! (use what you know)

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English hw 4/25

finish article

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Science HW 4/25

Finish both motion graphs.

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Humanities HW 4/25

check website: http://www.alylakhaney.com

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