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Technology (7-2 Only) — Due 4/24

In your engineer’s notebook begin document your investigation into the new problem. Research–Make observations, conduct interviews with family members, use books, or Internet sources and create a list of all the different kinds of physical handicaps people have (no need … Continue reading

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Technology (7-1 and 7-3 Only) — Due 4/23

Complete your reflections and diagrams in your engineer’s notebook. Complete the composing process (get all the information on the cards that will hang from your mobile). Be preapred to finish your mobile in class REMEMBER: Finished mobiles will due on … Continue reading

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Humanities HW 4/20

check the website: http://www.alylakhaney.com

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Science HW 4/20

Black: Read pages 280-292 and 302-306 take notes on an index card.

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CHinese HW 4/20

shen laoshi’- Study 5 characters. quiz next class sun laoshi’ no homework!

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Math HW 4/20

black- 1. study for quiz monday 2. finish problems on LM blue- pg 251-252 # 23-43

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Algebra 4/20

do 3-71 to 3-76

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