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Computer Applications Homework

Continue to practice keyboarding. You should be making regular progress. Practice at least 10 minutes a day. Touch typing is without looking. Remember: keep your fingers on the homerow. –Brownstone, Powell and Shantanu Advertisements

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Technology 7 — No Homework Due 3/1–3/2

The only people who have homework are those who are behind. If you want extra credit, research the mobile and stabile artist Alexander Calder and present what you learned to your group members. What did his mobiles look like?

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Algebra 2/28

Smaple test problem

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pre-algebra 2/28

Blue do workesheets

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English 2/28

What category of folktales does Johny Appleseed belong in? Wriet a paragraph explaining why.

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Science HW 2/28

No homework black and blue streams

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Spanish 2/27

do worksheet and finsih classwrok

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